Streams server rules

1. Forbidden:

1.1 Use bugs and various programs to hack the game and the site, modify the game and launcher files, and help other players or persuade them to performing these actions. Even an unsuccessful attempt like this is a violation. Punishment permanent account ban, IP blocking (up to the entire subnet), computer blocking. If the administration detects this violation, all participants in these actions will be banned without warning. No appeals, no probation, no pardons. Administrators won't even talk to banned players (neither by email, nor by Skype). Think three times before trying to use even the smallest and insignificant bug of the game for your own purposes (including one of these). You risk getting banned for the entire subnet of your provider's IP addresses, which will make it impossible to play on our server not only for you, but also for other players of the same provider / network / city. If you find a bug in the game, please contact the administration.

Punishment: permanent account ban.

1.2 Sell game valuables to other players for real currency. Punishment permanent account ban. In the event of a complaint from any player regarding a real currency trade, an investigation will be carried out. If the deal is similar to trading in-game items for real money (for example, the game value of the item is very high, and only a few stones or cheap items were transferred for it) without the permission of the administration, then all players participating in the deal will be banned. If you want to officially conduct a similar transaction, then contact the administration. Only transactions approved by the administration are safe and will not entail punishment for all participants.

Punishment: permanent account ban.

1.3 Flood - posting the same message more than 2 times in a short period of time

Punishment: mute for an hour, for a repeated violation, the time of the penalty increases.

1.4 Rude profanity, insults, political slogans, nazi propaganda and threats of violence in real life against another player. Repeated violation of this rule increases the duration of the punishment.

Punishment: mute for 24 hours

1.5 Rude profanity, insults and threats of violence in real life against the administrator or administrator representative.

Punishment: mute for 24 hours or ban

1.6 Create characters with nicknames similar to the nicknames of game administrators and moderators. If your nickname is similar to the nickname of one of the administrators or moderators of the game, and you want to use it, you must to get agreement form administration. Contact the administrators with a request to allow this nickname. Perhaps you will be allowed.

Punishment: permanent account ban.

1.7 Interfere, disturb the order or incite other players to such violations, the game master during events or tournaments.

Punishment: disqualification or ban for 24 hours

1.8 Advertising of third-party projects.

Punishment: permanent account ban.

1.9 Discredit the server's reputation.

Punishment: disqualification or ban for 24 hours

1.10 It is prohibited to deceive the Administration: giving false testimony, providing fabricated evidence, evidence. It is forbidden to impersonate a representative of the Administration.

Punishment: 7 days in prison or permanent ban of the character/account.

1.11 At PVP events such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale and tournaments, it is forbidden to be inactive, and unfair ways to get points ( agreements, playing in 2 game windows, etc.)

Note: Inactivity can be considered 1) a continuously static position of the character 2) Going back and forth for a couple of steps 3) Using a clicker in AFK mode. Any of these moments should be clearly visible on the video within 30 seconds.

Punishment: ban for 24 hours

2. Allowed

2.1 Kill other players. Killing other players it's part of the game. Don't even try to complain about the killers. The administration will not apply any reprisals to phonomaniacs.

2.2 Prevent other players from killing monsters (KS). KS (Kill Steal) it's part of the game, healthy competition. There is no need to complain about being prevented from standing on the respawn. Solve this problem in a playful way.

3. Administration

3.1 Admins and moderators do not need your password or items. If someone asks you to give a thing or a password to your account, then you can send this person wherever you want. This is not an administrator or moderator. The administration does not need your belongings or password. They can get this information directly from the base of the game. Beware of scammers. Account security guidelines ...

3.2 Administrators and moderators never intimidate or threaten. The administration will never threaten players with a ban or other actions. If you violated the rules of the server, then you will receive a fair punishment. If you have not violated it yet, but are close to this, the administration can warn you that you behave within the framework of the rules. Only warn, but in no case threaten. If someone threatens you with a ban or something else, then this is most likely a scammer.

3.3 Administrators can shutdown, restart, modify the server without notifying players and as needed. The administration is doing everything possible to keep the server in working order. But to improve and modify the game, sometimes reboots or temporary server shutdowns may be required. Also, do not forget about unforeseen circumstances, such as power outages, disconnection of the Internet connection due to the fault of the provider, etc. The administration will try to inform the players about the planned technical work through the website or forum.

3.4 The administration does not register guilds for the siege of the castle, after the registration round. Only if the owners of the Castle are not against this action.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and is therefore transparent about how we collect, use and share information about you. We will NEVER sell your personal information to anyone. The administration of Mudream allows visitors to its site to control their personal data. This Privacy Policy provides information on how Mudream processes and protects this data.

We never sell personal data and we carry out all processing operations in strict accordance with generally accepted norms. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, personal data means any information relating to an identified natural person; an identifiable natural person is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as name, identification number, location data, online identifier (cookies), etc. (“Personal Data” ).

Usage Data

When you visit our site, we store the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you visited us, the parts of our site you visit, the date and duration of your session, and device information (type, operating system, screen resolution, language, country you are in and web browser type) you used during the session, pages viewed, your GA ClientID, your IP address. We use your IP address and/or country settings to determine your location and provide you with relevant content and a better gaming experience.

When you contact our customer support team for assistance, we collect and store the contact information you provide (usually your name and email address), information about your game or activity on the Mudream site, and your username. We also store correspondence and any information contained in it.

We process this usage data to make it easier for you to access and enjoy our services (for example, to adapt our services to the device you are using), and to recognize and stop any abuse. We also process usage data in anonymous form for statistical purposes and to improve our website. The legal basis for this processing is your consent and our legitimate interests, such as monitoring and improving our website and the services we provide.


Mudream uses cookies to process information, including standard web history information, user ID, visitor behavior when visiting our site. This is to provide you with the best experience, to ensure the security of our website and services, for marketing purposes and to facilitate the use of certain features. Cookies are small data files that websites transfer to computers or devices in order to keep track of and improve the functionality of our website.

Cookies are stored on your individual device and you have full control over their use. You can disable or restrict the transmission of cookies by changing your web browser settings.

If you visit a Mudream site with cookies disabled, you may not be able to fully experience all the features of our site. You will not be able to opt out of any cookies or other technologies that are "strictly necessary" for the operation of our website and services.

Contact us

On our website, you have the opportunity to contact us to ask questions, for example, through the feedback form or via online chat. We ask that you provide your contact information (such as name, email address, etc.), a brief description of the issue you are experiencing, and any other documentation, screenshots, or information that will be helpful in resolving the issue. We use this data to respond to requests we receive.

If you receive email from us, we may use certain analytics tools to collect data, such as when you open our email or click on any links or banners it contains. This data helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.

Mudream account

When you register an account with Mudream, we may ask you to provide us with the following information: your name, email address, phone number, your photo. Account data may be processed for the purposes of identifying you as a user, providing our services, maintaining the security of our website and services, maintaining backups of our databases, and communicating with you.

We want to communicate with you

We may from time to time send you email notifications about our design updates, customer support offers, or marketing emails.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most recent version of this Privacy Policy will govern our policies regarding the collection, processing and disclosure of personal data. We will communicate any changes by posting a written notice on our website.

If you have an account with, we will notify you of any significant changes to your account by sending you an email, unless you have unsubscribed. Your use of Mudream after the effective date of any changes to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. All changes to this Privacy Policy will automatically take effect on the day they are posted.

Terms of use

If you register on our Website or take any other action, you agree to these terms.


Website —, including subdomains and related sites, as well as any information, texts, graphics, videos and other materials posted on the Internet resource mentioned above.

The Mudream Project - is the online multiplayer game “MU Online” related to the Website.

User - a person who uses the Website and/or the Mudream project.

The Mudream team - is the administration of the Mudream Internet resource.

Acceptance of the terms of the user agreement

The User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement", governs the relationship between the Mudream Team, on the Internet at, on the one hand, and the User - You, on the other hand. Starting to use the services of the Mudream Project means the unconditional consent of the User with this Agreement. The Agreement may be changed by the Mudream Team without any prior notice, by posting the latest version of the Agreement. The responsibility for checking the current version of the Agreement lies with the User.

The creation of an account and the use of the Website and/or the Mudream project constitutes your full acceptance of all of the terms of the user agreement listed below, as well as your consent to the collection, storage and use of your information as described in the Privacy Policy. The Mudream team reserves the right to deny the User access to the service and services without notifying him, in case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement. You agree that the Mudream Team reserves the right to terminate the services or change their content at any time without notice to the user, and is not responsible for this.

Terms of the agreement

The Mudream team has the right to close or restrict access at any time without prior notice to the user. In the event that the User violates this agreement, the Mudream Team, in its sole discretion, may terminate access to the Website and/or the Mudream Project. In the event that Team Mudream closes and/or restricts access to an account, the User will no longer have access to the account. The User is not entitled to claim compensation for virtual money and purchased services while using the Mudream Project and/or the Website.

Terms of Use

The Mudream project is a demo project and has nothing to do with the official WebZen servers. If you want to play the full version of the game, then you need to go to the official WebZen servers. The Mudream project is not used for commercial purposes or for profit. All accounts, characters, game items, and activities performed on the Mudream project are the exclusive property of Mudream.

User Responsibility

If, in accordance with the laws of your state, you are prohibited from receiving gaming services on the Internet or there are other legal restrictions, including restrictions on the age of admission to such services, you may not use the Mudream project or services within the Website. The User undertakes to comply with the terms of the Agreement, and is also responsible for any action taken on the Mudream project and the Website.


Under no circumstances shall the Mudream Team and the Mudream Project be liable to the User or third parties for any damages, including lost profits or lost data. Using the services, the User agrees that the Mudream team and the Mudream project are not responsible for damage to honor, dignity, business reputation or other illegal actions of third parties and so on.

Using the services of the Mudream Project, the User agrees that he is personally responsible. The Mudream team or its representatives shall not be liable to any third parties for any costs.

Virtual currency and services

Project Mudream Services may include the ability to purchase virtual domestic currency as well as virtual domestic services using legal tender. You can use these options if you have reached the age of majority in your country of permanent residence. All virtual currency and services are non-refundable. You do not acquire personal rights to the virtual services and/or currency that you purchase. The Mudream team has full control over all virtual currency and services. At any time, with or without prior notice, may change the value of the virtual currency and the virtual currency itself at its sole discretion without any additional obligations.

You agree with the Refund policy of the Mudream project by purchasing virtual currency and / or using internal services.

Intellectual Property Rights

All ownership and intellectual property rights in and to the Mudream project belong to the Mudream project and their respective owners. By using the services, you do not obtain any copyright in the intellectual property of the Mudream project. Any use of intellectual property outside the scope of the Services may only be made with written agreement from the Mudream team.

General information

The Mudream team provides the service around the clock and daily, and also provides users with consulting support. The Mudream project and website are free to access. The Mudream team reserves the right to change the pricing policy at any time. The user agrees, understands and accepts that the game is not gambling, a game for money. Making donations to the server is the will and desire of the User, and not a necessary or mandatory condition for participation in the game and the gameplay. The user agrees to receive informational and technical mailings to the e-mail specified in the registration.

Terms of agreement

This User Agreement is an integral part of the Mudream Project and the Website. The User undertakes to check the Agreement for changes before each entry into the Mudream Project and before each visit to the Website. Disagreement with even one of the points of these rules prohibits the use of the Mudream project. The rules are provided and binding for each User of the Mudream project, regardless of whether he is registered or not.

Member/user account, password and security

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account, and you are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. You are prohibited from selling or buying someone else's account, as well as any resources under the account (characters, items, credits, etc.).


This Agreement between the User and the Mudream project determines the procedure for using the service and services of the Mudream project. Supersedes all other agreements, whether oral or written, between the User and the Mudream project regarding this use.

Refund policy

Game points, bonuses, internal currency, and all items and services on the website and Project Mudream are marked as virtual products. The Mudream team does not refund money for virtual products. We encourage you to contact the Mudream Team for assistance if you have any problems obtaining or using products. By purchasing a product on the Website, the user agrees that due to the nature of the products sold, which are virtual, a refund is not possible under any circumstances. If the User sends any payment, the user agrees that he will not dispute, request a partial or full refund. If the user does not agree with the above, please do not submit the payment.

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