Referral program announcement

Mudream referral program 

Hello, this is Mudream! Would you like to play your favorite game with your friends? We have unique offer for you. You will get reward, when someone registrate using your referral link


Your personal bounty:

You get additional 10% of transaction amount every time, when user who was registered using your referral link, orders dreamcoins but no more than 200 Dream Coins per transaction.

Mutual bounty

When your friend reaches necessary reset, both of you will receive rewards. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get.


For 10th resets - 50 Dream Coins
For 20th resets - 100 Dream Coins
For 30th resets - 150 Dream Coins


We have added referral program page so you can find your referral link and track the reset levels of invited players here. Go to the "Referral system" section and start earning now!


Best wishesfrom 
Mudream team




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