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Hello dear user of the MUDREAM project


We have been together for many days and we are grateful to you for every day spent with us


Recently, we have had little news, events and other activities. Rest assured, this time has not just passed. We weren't kidnapped and we didn't go to Bali :)

Now we have an international team of the most talented specialists from all over the world. Our team includes the best development, design and game development architects. We want to improve all aspects of the game and interaction with our site


We made significant updates to the personal account. Now all necessary features are very comfortable to access. Plus we did it beautifully! Check this out:





In the personal account, we added a convenient and beautiful switcher between your characters. Brought to a beautiful view the display of ratings. Now it will be more fun to check the progress of competitors


Updated the look of the weapons and items:






Damn it, we even updated the skill icons:





We have many more cool ideas. Some of them are already in progress. A little patience! Do not miss our letters and we will definitely surprise you!


And in order not to torment you with expectations:

  • May 28, 2022 we open a new server Dream x100
  • Beta test has been launched so that you can get to know the server now


But that's not all :) 

On the 2nd month after the server starts, we will  raffle $1000 between the winners of the Castle Siege event. Play and earn money with your favorite game


P.S. Don't waste time! While you're thinking, the enemy is already grinding


Best wishes from the





Mudream referral program 

Hello, this is Mudream! Would you like to play your favorite game with your friends? We have unique offer for you. You will get reward, when someone registrate using your referral link


Your personal bounty:

You get additional 10% of transaction amount every time, when user who was registered using your referral link, orders dreamcoins but no more than 200 Dream Coins per transaction.

Mutual bounty

When your friend reaches necessary reset, both of you will receive rewards. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get.


For 10th resets - 50 Dream Coins
For 20th resets - 100 Dream Coins
For 30th resets - 150 Dream Coins


We have added referral program page so you can find your referral link and track the reset levels of invited players here. Go to the "Referral system" section and start earning now!


Best wishesfrom 
Mudream team




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